The Theater of the Future 1935

The Theater of the Future, an Open Space Meeting

When the work that needs doing is complex and the people who care are a diverse community of passionate and responsible stakeholders, MICHA hosts a Theater of the Future Open Space event. At this 2-day meeting, we embrace a non-hierarchical approach to gathering as folks are empowered to create and manage their own sessions fueled by their questions, complaints, and sparks of inspiration. The conversations and experiments that transpire during these two days lay the foundation for change. Change within the MICHA community, within the individuals who attend the meeting, and within the representative communities in attendance.

The Theater of the Future, Michael Chekhov in 1935

Listen to Michael Chekhov's 1935 imaginings of the actor and the theater of tomorrow in this address, given at the New School for Social Research in New York City. Read by Jessica Cerullo from the notes prepared by Deirdre Hurst du Prey and introduced by Ragnar Freidank [31:04min].