A Glimpse of a Beautiful World

  1. Episode 3 - SEED OF GRATITUDE Featuring Connie Rotunda

    SEED OF GRATITUDE, a somatic practice led by Connie Rotunda In times of stress and uncertainty somatic practices can be helpful in supporting our bodies natural intelligence so that we may proceed with greater awareness into our creative futures. In this episode, Chekhov and Feldenkrais practitioner, Connie Rotunda, guides listeners through an investigation of the movements that support the quotidian gesture of gratitude. Connie Rotunda Connie is an actor, director, movement coach/director and teaching-artist. She currently serves as the Associate Chair of the Theatre Arts Department at SUNY New Paltz. She has worked regionally and Off-Broadway and is a Guild Certified Practitioner in the Feldenkrais Method®. She serves on the faculty of MICHA and, in 2016, was named the MICHA Inaugural Scholar for her research and investigation of the synergy between the Feldenkrais Method and Chekhov Technique.

  2. Episode 2 - PSYCHOLOGICAL GESTURE Featuring Declan Drohan, Joerg Andrees

    The Michael Chekhov Association presents practitioners of the Chekhov Technique as they discuss the process of teaching Psychological Gesture. Declan Drohan Declan is an actor, teacher and director, lectures on the MA in Creative Practice and the Hons Degree Programme In Performing Arts at IT Sligo in the Northwest of Ireland. His studies with Michael Chekhov Europe have led to a PhD study connecting Chekhov Technique and the performance of WB Yeats play texts. Joerg Andrees Joerg is a stage and film director, performer and tutor. He is the founder of the Michael Chekhov International Academy in Berlin and Moscow. He trained with Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan. Together, with Jobst Langhans, he initiated the first International Michael Chekhov Conference in Berlin. He is a faculty member of MICHA and Michael Chekhov Europe.

  3. Episode 1 - On Love Featuring Sol Garre

    The Michael Chekhov Association presents practitioners of the Chekhov Technique as they discuss and explore the role of love in our profession; in life, the classroom and rehearsal room. Sol Garre Sol trained as an actress in Spain and has been teaching and investigating the Chekhov technique since 1995. She is a senior lecturer of acting at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in Madrid. Her dissertation “Towards a Poetic Body: Michael Chekhov and the Psychophysiological Paradigm of Acting” was awarded an MA with Distinction in 2001 at Exeter University (UK). Her practice-as-research PhD further explored Chekhov’s teachings and techniques within the context of training professional actors in Spain. She is a founding member of Vértico, a non-profit association aiming to provide actors opportunities for advanced training and research. She is a member of MCE and collaborates in the association’s International Training Program. In 2016, she published the Spanish edition of Joanna Merlin’s Auditioning: an actor friendly guide and translated the Spanish edition of the MICHA workbook. Her most recent project A Certain Sense of Reality investigates an actors’ way of perceiving and imagining.