The Actor is the Theatre:
The Michael Chekhov Community Performs the Archive

The Michael Chekhov Community Performs the Archive is an initiative of MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association and the University of Windsor. It invites collaboration between the international Chekhov community and Deirdre Hurst du Prey's archive, "Michael Chekhov: the Actor is the Theatre" , a digital exhibition featuring approximately 3,600 typewritten pages documenting Chekhov's work between 1936-1942. Throughout 2021 MICHA will release short films highlighting the archive and featuring Chekhov artists from around the world.

Project Ideation: Jessica Cerullo

University of Windsor Librarians: Brian Owens and Peter Zimmerman

Project Editing: Aruna Bhalla

Michael Chekhov Israel

Living Space Theatre Poland

Glad Teater Denmark

Michael Chekhov Studio Brooklyn

Studio Michael Chekhov Brussels

Chekhov Training and Performance Ireland

The Praxis Acting Studio, Los Angeles

Schule fü̈r Schauspiel Hamburg

GITIS Moscow

Tiny Hero Productions Amsterdam

Real Live Theater USA

Moving Dock Theatre Company Chicago

Seven Siblings Theatre Canada

Arlekin Players Theatre, USA

Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skopje

International Chekhov Studios Cooperative

The Chekhov Collective UK

Michael Chekhov: The Student Movement

Michael Chekhov Studio Korea

Michael Chekhov Europe