We believe the tools of Chekhov's technique, built upon openness and artistic freedom, can support the process of manifesting a just world. MICHA facilitates a monthly study group to support the creation of antiracist and inclusive spaces.

MICHA's Psychophysical AntiRacism Study Group meets virtually monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. Sessions are open to all members.

Although the topic of each session may differ from session to session our guiding questions remain:

  • Why is racial justice important to me?
  • What are my racial justice values?
  • What is my racial justice vision?
  • What role does education and accountability play in my racial justice vision?
  • What needs to change?
  • What commitments am I ready to make?
  • How can things move?
The 2021 group is facilitated by Sumana Mandala and Coley Curry and focuses on exploring a BIPoC Theatre Practice.

Members of the study group are invited to examine Michael Chekhov's technique, your classrooms and rehearsal rooms directly. We ask you to consider the ways the Chekhov work has caught you up or left you grappling. What can this work do? Where are its limits? What are the blind spots with regard to racism/inclusion?

Documents for download:

  • PAR Study Group Agreements download
  • TDPT Against the Cannon, editorial Mark Evans, Cass Fleming & Sara Reed download
  • Intersections of Race and Acting Pedagogy, Kaja Dunn download